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Kohler Illuminator Assembly
Kohler Illuminator Assembly
Exceptional 3200K uniform irradiance in the VIS-NIR region
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Product Code: AS-02509-100

Description Technical Specs
Labsphere’s KI-120 Koehler Illuminator is designed for applications requiring uniform irradiance in the UV-VIS-NIR region of the spectrum. The Koehler Illuminator is a halogen lamp mounted in a lamp housing combined with a focusing optics assembly. The image of the halogen lamp filament is focused on a glass rod that evenly mixes the light distribution and directs the radiance through a fixed aperture before it passes through a lens assembly with an adjustable iris diaphragm, which controls the amount of illumination at the working plane.

The KI-120 Koehler Illuminator features a 120-watt tungsten halogen lamp in an assembly with a mounting boss attached to a ˝ inch diameter rod that slides into the post holder mounted on a sturdy 6 x 6-inch support base, allowing for height adjustment or alternate mounting. Included is a 6-foot cable with a 2-pin male connector to operate with Labsphere’s LPS-150-660 lamp power supply. The KI-120 provides a maximum illuminance output of 13,000 lux at a normal working distance of 50 cm. A filter holder allows the placement of 1-inch diameter color balancing filters, narrow band filters or neutral density filters between the lamp and the glass rod.
Provides a source of uniform irradiance
Illuminance level easily adjusted
Spot size ranges from 4 mm to 16 mm
Working distance 10 - 60 cm

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