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Cylinder Adaptor
Cylinder Adaptor
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A port adapter is a black anodized aluminum cylinder that mounts onto a port frame. It serves as a structure for mounting customer accessories and has two thumb screws oriented at a relative angle of 90º for securing accessories. A port adapter will also mount onto a port frame equipped with a port frame reducer.

Product Code: AS-02498-0XX


Mounting onto a port frame, a Port Adapter provides a mechanical interface between the sphere and another system component, either directly, via gender change adapters, or indirectly via fiber bundles of various types.
Used to: adapt a sphere port for a system component

Used with: all Labsphere Integrating Spheres

Why use a port adapter?
So components that wouldn’t fit with typically attach to a sphere can be used.

Benefits: ability to interface wide variety of components to the integrating sphere. Enables multiple system configurations for a variety of applications

Connects to/Mounts on: port frames