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Diffuse reflectance material specially fabricated for optical components

Labsphere’s diffuse reflectance material, Spectralon® exhibits nearly Lambertian (perfectly diffuse) properties and represent the highest performance available in the market today. Both durable and optically stable over time, Labsphere’s reflectance material provides consistent uniform reflectance.

The reflectance materials offered by Labsphere serve a wide range of application areas including back panel display lighting, integrating spheres, laser cavities, calibration targets, remote sensing and digital imaging.

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6080 White Reflectance Coating 6080 White Reflectance Coating

Labsphere’s 6080 White Reflectance Coating is a specially formulated Barium Sulfate coating descended from Kodak’s and Munsell’s well-known white reflectance coatings.

WRC (Difuse White Reflectance Coating) Touch-Up WRC (Difuse White Reflectance Coating) Touch-Up

This 30 ml bottle of water-based coating is perfect for small areas requiring a touch-up to the original coating.

Our Price: $118.00