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With the development of Labsphere's SpectralonŽ diffuse reflectance material in the 1980's, came a surge of product development utilizing this new thermoplastic material exhibiting superior reflectance properties. Among these were diffuse reflectance targets in both white and grey-scale. An outgrowth of this business was the inclusion of InfragoldŽ targets for infrared application.

Today Labsphere Targets are used in many different industries for calibrating and testing imaging systems, as the targets are chemically inert to withstand the harshest of environments.
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Contrast Multi-Step Target Contrast Multi-Step Target

Ideal multi-reflectance targets for testing imaging system equipment in field conditions.

Uncalibrated Infragold Target Uncalibrated Infragold Target

Ideal for calibrating NIR-MIR spectrometers, FTIR instruments, and infrared integrating sphere systems.