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A variety of interchangeable accessories to enable application specific customization

Labsphere’s Integrating Sphere Accessories give users the ability to customize integrating spheres and systems to their specific measurement requirements. The interchangeable accessories are easily attached to port frames and matched to the integrating sphere wall reflectance value to ensure measurements accuracy.

Accessories allow users to create a uniform source or light measurement application with Labsphere’s General Purpose Integrating Spheres, or modify Labsphere’s Light Measurement and Uniform Source Systems to change or enhance functionality.

Labsphere’s Integrating Sphere Accessories offer one-stop shop for all of your application needs. The sturdy port frame design on Labsphere’s integrating spheres allow users to quickly mount accessories to the integrating sphere with the quick twist of a set screw.

Labsphere’s dedicated calibration lab provides a variety of NIST-traceable calibration options for systems that include accessories for specific application requirements.

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Sphere Post Sphere Post

Mounting posts are available in various lengths, with either English (1/4-20) or Metric (M6) threads, Posts slide into the sleeve of an optional base or post holder, which provides adjustable sphere height.

Port Frame Reducer Port Frame Reducer

Mounting onto a port frame, a Port Frame Reducer effectively reduces that port frame to specified size. It serves as the
interface that permits accessories designed for a specific port size to be mounted on larger port frames.

Port Plug Port Plug

Mounting on to a port frame, a Port Plug replaces the open port with a cap that matches either the reflectance of the sphere wall
or the open port.

Port Reducer Port Reducer

Mounting onto a port frame, a Port Reducer reduces the clear aperture of that port frame.

Detector Spacer/Filter Holder Detector Spacer/Filter Holder

Attachement to a port on an integrating sphere that allows for a detector or filter to be mounted to the sphere.  Available in flat black coating with apertures ranging from 0.125 -inch to 0.62 -inch.

Filter Holder Filter Holder

Filters can be used for a variety of applications. They can modify the spectrum of light entering into the integrating
sphere, when mounted in front of a light source. They can enable light to be measured at a specific wavelength band,
when mounted in front of a detector port. And they can attenuate the signal level to avoid detector saturation, when
mounted in front of a detector port. 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 inch versions are available.

Sample Holder for RTC-060 Sample Holder for RTC-060

Allows samples to be held in the center of Labsphere’s RTC-060-SF Reflectance/Transmittance Sphere

Powder Sample Holder Powder Sample Holder

Sample Holders are designed to hold reflectance and transmittance samples. Sample Holders mount onto a Port
Frame or Port Frame Reducer. The sample holder may be disassembled such that only the mounting plate remains to
accommodate large samples. Sample Holders are available in Spectraflect® or Infragold® coatings.

illumia® lite Replacement Battery illumia® lite Replacement Battery

Extend the life of your illumia® lite Light measurement system with this replacement battery

Our Price: $81.00
Light Trap - 1 inch Light Trap - 1 inch

Cylindrical cavity designed to absorb the incident radiation that enters through its one open end.

Our Price: $485.00