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Labsphere prides itself on bringing quality spheres to the market.

Our General Purpose Spheres are designed to provide greater configuration flexibility. These spheres include a robust port frame design and are compatible with Labsphere's integrating sphere attachments and accessories.

Our Laser Power Measurement Spheres collect the total radiant power emitted by highly divergent sources such as laser diodes, as well as collimated sources such as lasers.

Our Reflectance/Transmittance Integrating Spheres are designed for reflectance and transmittance measurements, such as specular excluded reflectance, forward- and backscatter, and turbid or scattering samples.

Labsphere Uniform Source Integrating Spheres and Systems are the industry choice for calibration and test of cameras and sensors ranging from optical detectors, and focal plane arrays to multi-spectral remote sensing.

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General Purpose Sphere General Purpose Sphere

This easy-to-configure line is the ultimate choice for adaptability and value.

Reflectance/Transmittance Spheres Reflectance/Transmittance Spheres

Accurate and flexible, designed for reflectance and transmittance measurements

3P-LPM-020-SL 3P-LPM-020-SL

3P-LPM-020-SL,SPHERE ASSY MOD, 2 inch Spectralon

Our Price: $1,838.00

Spectralon 3in (4" OD) Satellite Sphere.

Our Price: $2,102.00
US-080-SF US-080-SF

8 Inch Uniform Source Sphere

Our Price: $2,225.00
3P-LPM-040-SF 3P-LPM-040-SF

3P-LPM-040-SF,SPHERE ASSY MOD, 4 inch Spectraflect

Our Price: $3,147.00
3P-LPM-060-SF 3P-LPM-060-SF

3P-LPM-060-SF,SPHERE ASSY, 6 inch Spectraflect

Our Price: $3,516.00
3P-LPM-040-SL 3P-LPM-040-SL

3P-LPM-040-SL,SPHERE ASSY MOD, 4 inch Spectralon

Our Price: $3,802.00
3P-LPM-060-SL 3P-LPM-060-SL

3P-LPM-060-SL,SPHERE ASSY, 6 inch Spectralon

Our Price: $4,227.00
3P-LPM-040-IG 3P-LPM-040-IG

3P-LPM-040-IG,SPHERE ASSY, 4 inch Gold

Our Price: $4,374.00
3P-LPM-060-IG 3P-LPM-060-IG

3P-LPM-060-IG,SPHERE ASSY, 6 inch gold

Our Price: $4,851.00